The Management of DECAPULP S.L., expresses the will to manage and improve the quality of the company through the application of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001 standard to the design and manufacturing processes of moulded-pulp packaging.

The following guidelines are established as basic pillars of the Quality Policy and each person who works or collaborates in the company must take the commitment to follow.

1) Offer and deliver reliable packaging that ensures the integrity of the object they protect and that satisfactorily meet the expectations of our current and future customers, in terms of product quality and service provision.

2) Develop high-value, functional design packaging that, in addition, considers environmental aspects such as the use of recycled raw materials and the easy recycling of the finished product.

3) Comply with all the requirements that the Organization subscribes, paying special attention to the specifications of the clients, and on the other hand with the legislation that is applicable to each area of the company.

4) Exchange information of interest with our suppliers, customers and interested parties so that there is a good functioning of the activities of all parties.

5) Promote training in all areas as an axis of continuous improvement in the development of activities.

6) Review and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and encourage the participation of the entire human team in this task.

7) Assign the means and resources necessary to achieve the marked quality objectives.

This Quality Policy is communicated to all workers of the company and is reviewed for its continuous adaptation.